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Straight Talk on Strathink

By the Strathink Editorial Team Strathink would like to address head on the comments made on certain websites that Strathink is a “mouthpiece for the EPRDF” and even more often a “mouthpiece for the TPLF.” We are not. We began as a platform for news about the Horn of Africa but over the last few […]

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Time Waits for No Man—Even Isayas Afewerki

By The Strathink Editorial Team The new superhero movie, Thor: Ragnorok, is the story of Asgard, a fictional planet within the Marvel Comics universe. Ruled by a tyrant, the people of Asgard simply leave, unable to tolerate the vicissitudes of their cruel and destructive leader. In the end, Asgard, the planet, is destroyed by the […]

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In pictures: Ethiopia’s skateboarders ‘go legit

The strathink editorial team could not resist posting this story about young people in Ethiopia taking up the sport of skateboarding. While children in Eritrea are risking their lives to flee Eritrea’s oppressive indefinite national service, young people in Ethiopia are enjoying their youth. From BBC Ethiopia’s young skateboarders, who find it hard to get […]

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Children Flee Eritrean Conscription Threat, UN Rights Envoy Says

Samuel Gebre Unaccompanied children are fleeing Eritrea to avoid conscription, putting them at risk of abduction and abuse as they seek shelter in places including Europe, a United Nations rights envoy said. There’s been a “steady influx of Eritrean unaccompanied and separated children” into Egypt and neighboring Ethiopia and Sudan since 2008, Sheila B. Keetharuth, […]

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From The Brookings Institution: Getting millions to learn: Providing practical and entrepreneurial education in Uganda

  SERIES: Getting millions to learn | Number 6  Jenny Perlman Robinson | April 22, 2015 12:33pm I have met many educational leaders in the midst of our Millions Learning project, but I find particularly inspiring those who are young, ambitious, bold, and impatient to see results. One such group is the founders of the nongovernmental organization Educate!, which develops Ugandan […]

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