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Current Tensions in Ethopia: Looking Inward

  By the Strathink Editorial Team The scale and scope of Ethiopia’s political unrest during the past year has alarmed officials of the Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic  Front (EPRDF), and with good reason. In Oromia, home to Ethiopia’s largest ethnic group, simmering tensions have erupted over, ostensibly, the Addis Ababa Master Plan and later into […]

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Understanding Meles Zenawi: Conversations with U.S. Diplomats (Part 2)

by the Strathink Editorial Team Part 2 of our series on the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi looks at conversations with American diplomats on events following the 2005 election.   Prime Minster Meles is displaying a kind of respectful defiance of the international community as he builds Ethiopia democracy—his way. U.S. Ambassador Donald Yamamoto To […]

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