Make Your Voice Heard on Senate Resolution 168

by the Strathink Editorial Team

It is understandable why Senator Ben Cardin and his co-sponsors have proposed this unhelpful Senate Resolution 168. Maryland, the state Senator Cardin represents, is home to a large number of Ethiopian Americans. Other co-sponsors, such as Senator Al Franken of Minnesota and Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio, represent states with large numbers of Ethiopian Americans as well.

A minority of these Ethiopian Americans has been persistent in its efforts to overthrow the Government of Ethiopia.

Indeed, Ginbot 7 opposition leader Berhanu Nega has held a number of fundraising events in Silver Spring, Maryland, to finance his 200-man army based in Eritrea, contravening U.S. laws that forbids any person within the jurisdiction of the United States from furnishing money to any organization attempting to overthrow a government with whom the United States is not at war.

We are certain that the Senators co-sponsoring this resolution are unaware of these illegal activities among their constituents.

We are also certain that the Senators are unaware that the vast majority of Ethiopian Americans do not support the violent overthrow of the Ethiopian government. The vast majority of Ethiopian Americans understand very well the challenges that confront the Ethiopian government. The vast majority of Ethiopian Americans support the efforts of the government to advance economic development and democratic nation building in Ethiopia.

However, the vast majority of Ethiopian Americans are not as well organized and as well financed as the Ethiopian opposition and are oppose actions that compromise U.S. national security interests in the Horn of Africa.

Perhaps the Senators co-sponsoring this punitive resolution should take the time to listen to other voices in this debate.

First, there are a number of points in the resolution on most Ethiopian Americans can all agree. The majority of Ethiopian Americans condemn the use of violence to protest and encourage people to exercise their rights through constitutional means. They also regret any violence on the part of the police to control the demonstrations and destruction of property.

The government imposed a State of Emergency according to the Ethiopian Constitution, a temporary action needed to provide order and security for the Ethiopian people. The government has now lifted the State of Emergency, again within the legal framework of the Ethiopian Constitution.

The vast majority of Ethiopian Americans support the peaceful efforts of the Ethiopian people to exercise their constitutional rights.

The vast majority of Ethiopian Americans, however, do not support compromising either the sovereignty of Ethiopia or the national security interests of the United States in the Horn of Africa.

Perhaps the Senators should start listening to the other voices in this debate. We urge the Ethiopian American community to participate in the democratic process and let their voices be heard. Democracy begins at home.

One Response to “Make Your Voice Heard on Senate Resolution 168”

  1. yohannes says:

    Genbot 7 is anti democracy a terrorist group wasting innocent tax payers money illigally. Senet’s.decision and Congress people have to be vigilant on this and other terrorist groups operating in the US.


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