Leaked UN Report Says Eritrea Arms and Trains Ginbot 7 Members

Security Council resolution 1907 (2009) specifically prohibited Eritrea from “harbouring, financing, facilitating, supporting, organizing, training, or inciting individuals or groups to perpetrate acts of violence or terrorist acts against other States or their citizens in the region”.

Ginbot Sebat

78. Ginbot Sebat is a banned opposition group formed in 2009 by Amhara political elites committed to regime change in Ethiopia through armed struggle.[i] The Monitoring Group has previously documented Eritrea’s support to Ginbot Sebat (see S/2011/433 and S/2012/545). In 2012, the Group received corroborating testimonials that three Ginbot Sebat fighters had been trained in the western military border zone under the direction of Colonel Fitsum. At the time, the Monitoring Group was unable to reach a conclusion as to the former fighters’ organizational affiliation or to verify their accounts of military training, but it did conclude that they had direct contact with Colonel Fitsum [Yishak].Eritrean laissez-passer found on a Ginbot Sebat fighter 3

80. The first fighter was captured in January 2014, while on a reconnaissance mission inside Ethiopia. During a meeting with the Monitoring Group on 3 February 2014, while he was in detention in Ethiopia, he said that he had been a supporter of Ginbot Sebat and that he had been recruited into their military wing while working as a day labourer in neighbouring Sudan. Eritrean soldiers picked him up and took him to Eritrea, where he was subsequently sent to a training camp in Harena (see annex 7.1 for a map with the location of Harena). There, he joined 28 others and they were taught how to operate machine guns, bombs, and hand grenades. He identified a captain in EDF(Eritrea Defence Force) by the name of Dawitt as the person in charge of running the training and day-to-day operations for Ginbot Sebat. In December 2013, the detainee said that Dawitt had instructed him and two other Ginbot Sebat members to travel to Ethiopia to identify strategic locations and routes for the future movement of weapons. Areas identified were Awasa in the Great Rift Valley, Gewane in the Afar region, and Gondar in the Amhara region of Ethiopia (see annex 7.2 for map). Ethiopian security forces arrested the three fighters while they were travelling through the forest in Gondar on 20 January 2014.

81. When he and his colleagues were captured inside Ethiopia, they were allegedly carrying weapons that were made available to the Monitoring Group for inspection. These included hand grenades, AK-47s, and ammunition (see annex 7.3 for the weapons recovered from the fighters). The Monitoring Group examined the weapons and found that the serial numbers of the grenade pins were in similar sequence to grenade pins that the Monitoring Group had documented in 2011. The grenade pins that were found in 2011 were recovered on ONLF fighters trained and armed in Eritrea. They followed a sequence of “79”, which is the same serial number that was marked on the grenade pins recovered on the Ginbot Sebat fighters during the course of the current mandate.[ii] The consistency in sequencing strongly suggests a single original supplying source for the two sets of grenades, which the Monitoring Group established to be Eritrea in 2011 (see annex 7.4 for photographs of the pins inspected by the Monitoring Group in 2011 and 2014).

82. The two other former Ginbot Sebat fighters were part of another five-person fighter cell recruited in Johannesburg, South Africa, where they were working at the time. The Monitoring Group interviewed them individually on 16 and 17 January 2014. The first identified himself as a founding member of the armed wing of Ginbot Sebat, but he did not have any documentation to show his alleged rank or status within the group. He told the Monitoring Group that in October 2012, while living in South Africa, he had helped to establish the “Popular Front”, which he said was intended for drafting community members in the diaspora into the armed wing of Ginbot Sebat.

83. The second former Ginbot Sebat member told the Monitoring Group that he had been recruited by the Popular Front. His recruiters informed him that he would be sent to Eritrea for military training. The Embassy of Eritrea in Pretoria issued the new recruit with an Eritrean laissez-passer on 9 October 2012, which he used three days later to travel from Johannesburg to Asmara via Cairo on 19 October 2012 (see annex 7.5 for the travel document and electronic ticket provided to the fighter).Copy of an Eritrean-issued visa to Yussuf Mohamed Hussein

84. When the two newly recruited fighters arrived in Asmara, Ginbot Sebat Secretary-General Andargachew Tsige reportedly met them.[iii] They spent six months awaiting their training, which began in April 2013. The two men told the Monitoring Group that they had joined a group of 30 to 60 Ginbot Sebat fighters at the Harena military camp, where they claimed they had stayed until they fled to Ethiopia in December 2013. They reported seeing other armed Ethiopian opposition groups in Harena, including TPDM, the Amhara People’s Democratic Movement (APDM), and the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF).[iv] The training lasted for a month and it included guerilla warfare tactics and firearms training with hand guns, automatic weapons, explosives and anti-tank weapons. The fighters claim they then spent seven months in Harena waiting to be assigned on mission.

85. The Monitoring Group was unable to independently verify the claims of the former Ginbot Sebat fighters. But based on their corroborating testimonials and the inspection of documents and weapons recovered from them, it appears that Eritrea continues to provide some support to Ginbot Sebat. The Monitoring Group cannot, however, assess the extent of this support as compared with Asmara’s support of Ginbot Sebat in the past.

86. The Monitoring Group shared its findings with the Permanent Representative of Eritrea to the United Nations, Ambassador Tesfay, during a videoconference on 28 July 2014 and requested that Eritrea provide an explanation about the matching grenade pin serial numbers and the travel documents recovered from one of the Ginbot Sebat fighters. Ambassador Tesfay said that either Ethiopia or those captured by Ethiopia must have provided the group with the hand grenade pins and that Eritrea was also in possession of serial numbers of Ethiopian weapons. His answer was echoed in the official response of the Government, dated 13 August 2014 (see annex 4), in which it stated: “Travel documents that may have been easily forged by forces who have an interest in framing Eritrea; serial numbers of bullets or weapons that may have exchanged hands between Eritrea and Ethiopia in the course of their multiple wars in the past years … cannot be taken as iron-clad proofs of Eritrea’s misconduct that entail punitive action by the United Nations Security Council.” Moreover, the Government of Eritrea did not provide evidence to support Ambassador Tesfay’s claim that it was in possession of serial numbers of Ethiopian weapons.

19 Responses to “Leaked UN Report Says Eritrea Arms and Trains Ginbot 7 Members”

  1. we all know the fact that AL-Shebab and Genbot-7 are a wel knwon Terrorist Groups Supported by The African Mad Dog called Dictator isayass Afeworki of Eritrea. so for me this is not new News. what we need to do is to Destroy ones and for all The Dictator military pwoer tne there will be no terrorist Group in the HOA.

  2. Ahmed jabr says:

    Gunbot sebat leader openly received $500,000 grant from Eritrea , there is no doubt that eritrea is helping all kind of anti ethiopia movements!

  3. Koratu says:

    Dear Aiga

    I am beside the report. However, I am a little bit shocked when the report conveyed as Ginbot-7 is a party that is established by Amhara elites which a falsified message. Is Dr. Brihanu Amhara . Adrgachew Tsige Amhara and so on. They are a bunch of people who have no a real identity. They are Gurages that messed up Addis Ababa and a group of elites from Shewa.

    • Worker says:

      People when they talk nonsense , they show their stupidity…..Gurage is the a brave and hard working people who transformed Addis Ababa with nice buildings since the time of Haileselasie to date ,unlike the comment Mr Koratu gave , And this is a proud member of the Ethiopian community who thought many how to eat highly protenicious food including Kitfo and other food satff especially for his brothers and sisters coming from the northern part of Ethiopia who looked like skinny , dry bones, sign of famine and transformed them to look like a proper humanbeing.

      • Nu says:

        If some one says something unbalanced words,u r not supposed to throw bad words to people as if they are born skiny do u to the area ie north.Imagin u have started to make contradiction with group of people. This is the new agenda of some poletical parties just to come to power without contributing a single posetive effort for their country rather they dream to destroy any progress so far registered. Unless u r member of Gunbot 7 try to post good idea with good words.

  4. dessie says:

    Well, well, well. Avalanches of evidences find their way to the UN every time. But to the dismay of many, no punitive action is taken against Eritrea by the UN. Ethiopia has been pleading for long but no one has ready ready to address Ethiopia’s concerns. The UN has to wake up and do something. Otherwise, it is tantamount to declare war against the peace loving people of Ethiopia. Should not the UN stop Eritrea’s evil actions then Ethiopia has the right to use all means to defend herself from aggression of any type by Eritrea.

  5. Aberaham says:

    The government of Eritrea continues to arm organized terrorists to inflict harm against Ethiopia. It is an overdue responsibility for the Ethiopian government to take appropriate measures against the Eritrean government. Behind the terrorist ginbot seven is a tiny but determined Amhara reaction group that is bent to do everything possible to bring back the feudal oligarchy of ‘king of kings’ to take over the power. This group with 17th century type of ethno-regional aspiration has nothing to do with Ethiopian nationalism as reflected by the union of all Ethiopians. As a matter of fact, that is what this group is fighting against. Birhanu Nega and some others in the organization are a face of talking heads. They have neither the power nor acceptance to lead the ginbot seven terrorist organization. The tiny reaction group that is behind the ginbot seven terrorist organization would fight any other government other than a government of Amhara descent. It is hard to imagine that they will accept a non-Amhara government until death departs them. It is important for the rest of Ethiopians to know that. The good thing is that they all are about to meet their ‘king of kings’ in hell very soon.

  6. Garii says:

    What makes this news surprise? It is known that both regimes are bottleneck to each other. This monitoring group is a tool for Eritrea enemy . Is that secret TPLF/Ethiopia is training, arming and fully supporting Eritrea opposition . The TPLF regime is always propagating on its media their activity and meeting, their declaration of removing Isayas.
    Giving blind eye for one and accusation the other does not bring any peace.If supporting armed groups is considered as crime why it punish USA and other west who support Syria, Libya and others? This double standard is the enemy of peace and those super powers and their puppet affiliates are the real enemy of world peace.

  7. Amora says:

    I remember in 1997, cosman used to live next to my dormitory in 6 kilo. During the eve of mircha 97 he was inciting all Amhara students against the first democratic election in the country. He used to shout a lot through the sidist kilo fence, but no body listen to him and never succeeded. He was arrested the next day and sent to sendafa prison and bolded him his head. He got a lesson there and released. Now he became again the master mind of ginbot seven. The ethiopian people know what this terrorist organization stand for. You will learn again the stick of weyane(betri weyane) until then shabya will use you as they do to your uncle andargachew. Peace to my people and my country Ethiopia.

    • Garii says:

      No government is elected in Ethiopia up to date. Each of them come to power through the barrel of gun. Only IYASU inherited the throne but overthrown by H/Selassie. Meles come to power after 17 years of war. Who you claim democratically elected? do you know the meaning of democracy and election? what makes different than Mengistus election? both systems vest power on their cadres and puppet.
      As Amharas supremacy was not accepted, the Tigrean supremacy won`t be accepted. As you fight the Amhara ruling cliques , we also fight the Tigreans hegemony.

  8. Teferi Mekonen says:

    Ginbot 7 is not Amahara!!!!

  9. Daniel says:

    ginbot 7 is not an Amhara elite party, this is a total misinformation. ginbot 7 was formed by birhanu nega and adargachew tsige who are known to work with the TPLF/meles zenawis government for several years. Eventhough they act as opposition they are really supporting the meles zenawi regime to prolong its stay in power. The recent arrival of andargachew tsige from Yemen to Ethiopia is also another drama.

  10. Daniel says:

    We all know, there is no difference between TPLF and EPLF who were brought to power by the jewsih American herman cohen in 1991. The sister of sibhat nega a TPLF official is a high ranking official of the Eritrean EPLF. Unless she allows it, no one can even enter the office of the Eritrean bandit isayas afework.

  11. Tesfay says:

    Ginbot7and all who are raised their arms against the current government of Ethiopia are considered to be against the nation and nationalist of Ethiopian who had been suffering for centuries by the Monarchy and Feudal(Landlord)

  12. michale says:

    i have no problem to have opposition in Ethiopia.The problem is most of the opposition are living abroad Ethiopia. for example, Ginbit 7, ONLF, and DEMTSACHEN YESEMA. those 3 party are have different ideology,
    Ginbit 7: have a program, one language, one religion and one Ethiopia period.
    ONLF: have self independent program period.
    DEMTSACHEN YESEMA: need shriea in Ethiopia witch is impossible because the citizen who live in Ethiopia are have different belief period.
    And all of them have link withe Ethiopian big Enemy like Eritrea.

  13. Alula says:

    The problem is not Shabia or Eritrea. The problem is woyane. it is woyane who saved Shabia to create all this havoc until today. Shabia was done 2000 by the Gallant Ethiopians ground forces. 80 000 Ethiopian perished by Shabia and Woyane betrayed those 80 000 Ethiopians and decided to save Shabia all at the cost. Even now, Mark my words, add to Shabia to Egypt then you will see what will happen soon. Woyane will never touch Shabia. The only solution is to reverse the whole Eritrean saga and finish shabia than crying about shabia everyday. Is Shabia licensed to terrorize the world? Down to woyane Tigrai.

  14. guest says:

    i don’t know if the commentators ON THE ETHIOPIAN SITES are born stupid or they had to work hard to GET stupid (graduating) neither of this options or start points are good.

  15. KassaGetachew says:



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