Ginbot 7 Leader Berhanu Nega Admits Receiving Military Training from Eritrea

October 22, 2014–In an interview published by, Ginbot 7 leader Berhanu Nega admits to dependence on Eritrea for military training. According to Mr. Nega, “We are not saying we will depend on Eritrea forever. We need to build our fighting capacity, and the only ideal place to achieve our goal is in Eritrea. Once we are done with building our [fighting capacity], we will move into our country where we shall fight to secure our own military base.”

When asked about the alliance with the Tigray People’s Democratic Movement and the Ethiopian patriots, Mr. Nega replied that, “This will greatly enhance the armed struggle against the ruling party in Ethiopia.”

Ginbot 7 is a registered as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in the United States under he category of “humanitarian organization.”

26 Responses to “Ginbot 7 Leader Berhanu Nega Admits Receiving Military Training from Eritrea”

  1. Visitor says:

    OMG, this is really horrible.

    How can a “non-profit organization” engage in a war to overthrow a government? Does the IRS know this case? Can someone inform the IRS, please?

    I think, such a “non-profit organization” will not be allowed to do what this Ginbot 7 is doing in any country. Please revoke the non-profit status of this terrorist organization.

    Ethiopia will always be a united country. We do not want war. We know what war has done to our country. For the past 3,000 years, Ethiopia had a major war every 40 years.

  2. Aberaham says:

    The United States well knows that Ginbot 7 is not a humanitarian organization and not a non-profit organization. The more important point to know is the role of the Ethiopian government regarding this terrorist’s effort to masquerade its nature. Given a sound relationship between Ethiopia and the United States, what is the explanation of the US government for subsidizing this terrorist organization using American tax payers money? It seems that this terrorist group is given a green-light to vandalize our Embassies, intimidate and harass Ethiopian officials and supporters of the Ethiopian government, Collect money to destabilize Ethiopia, propagate propaganda to incite war inside our country using an Eritrean government funded satellite TV and radio and inflict harm inside Ethiopia at will without any consequences from the US and European countries.

    • Aklilu says:

      I can’t agree more. Well said. Enough has been said about this terrorist group. Let us see what the US is going to do in this case.

      • Do not full the peopple of Ethiopia by telling lies that Ethiopia enterred middle income class. by the way how much is the capital of the peopple of Ethiopia own the present capital of Ethiopia. Haa.. Haaa.
        Pease revise the precent growth of the economy of Ethiopia. When a country growth is 3 percent, it should be multiplied by 2 the power of three, that is by 8 the present economy. do not be liers.

  3. SOLOMON says:

    Go get UNCLE SAM this is a clear and crystal FRAUD

  4. Kasha says:

    Berhanu Nega sooner or later
    You will ended up in the hands of the Ethiopian government authority
    You wil have a chance to see Andy

  5. Yonas says:

    Monumental stupidity and dead brain of Berhanu Nega to rationalize Eritrea’s crazy Afewerqi was going to help them to topple a popular government in Ethiopia. What a farce and a shame. I wish the known coward Berhanu join the fictional movement in Ethiopia and lead them to victory.

  6. Yonas says:

    I think this organization led by a baffon is
    getting close to collapse. In fact that’s what Andargachew said when he was captured and he just wanted to rest from this mess.

  7. Halay says:

    Dear aiga,

    your lie is no limit to the world, how can you lie 360 degree the whole of your life, you don’t have brain to think, not to your people of Ethiopia, but to the developed country, such as USA; Great Brtain , and like Sweden. Already they knew you, time is gone to do like this, but if it one or two times ok, but if you do like this the whole your life continously ,you loose thrust on you any one. If you hide your self it good now.

    Best regards,

  8. A tesfa says:

    The Government of Ethiopia should do a better job of exposing these rif rafs for what they are terrorists !

  9. dawit says:

    I see that the terrorist and ethnocentric TPLF is scared of G7.G 7 is a visionary organization that works to help Ethiopian’s get out of prison of TPLF.

    The shameless tigrain libration front called itself the government of Ethiopia.This group is killer,robbers, cruel.They have no the shape of government.People already said “We do not need TPLF rule ” in 2005 election.

    Ethiopian never seen in her history a ruthless ruler like TPLF.This group live on deceit,lies ,killing,and intimidation of the citizens.85% of Ethiopians dislike this Mafia like group.This mafia group will go soon.Go for ever !

    G7 is doing the right thing.G7 is the hope of Ethiopians.We will support and like what G7 doing.Thank you G7 and others who stand against TPLF.

  10. Halay says:

    Dear Aiga,

    there is no inch of spaces for Ginbot 7, TPLF, Al shaabab, EPRDF,OLF, and NOLF and for other EBOLA and for you Aiga in Eritrea land, just you waste your time doing crime and lie, lost your credits and personality by the world and next time no one can believe you and respect you, the UN monitering group they don’t work for you, if once knew you fool them many times,they give their back which means they don’t like to work with you. So that you EPRDF that you need other countries to cooperate with you through bribe by money or else by other means to decive the UN get win by lie , but if you think this is not the solution, they will get tired of you. All that you gave information based on lie, No Proof at all.


  11. Alex says:

    Well it’s charitable effort to over throw the tplf junta. I mean think about it.

  12. Jambo says:

    Halay…….. Go visit and count how many innocent ethiopan sufferd in TPLF jail for a deade with out justice, simple siting in jail for a long time becouse they denied to be a puprt of your adwa based govenment. TPLF terrorising and rulling the country of 80 million by gun. ethiopian taliban terroris gangs. enough is enough

  13. Ermias says:

    Yichi gurage amtataw beketema nech

  14. Askale says:

    Wow! Woyane Tigrays making all kinds of noise…

    Here is where to get Berhanu..

  15. Jean Randolf says:

    The category “non-profit” organization differentiates those organized for profit from the ones that are not. Nothing else. All political parties are non-profit organizations period. They don’t profit and they are organizations. Whether they are engaged in armed resistance or in free election depends on how civilized the rulling party is to engage its oponents in a civilized manner. As to Ethiopia, the world knows that the current government is a bloody dictator who massacered hundreds for making to the streets to protest election results riged by the government!

  16. alex alem says:

    woyane must fall those who have negative mined on berhanu nega are majority form one ethnic group for surly let me tall you the woyane group and racist will remove from Ethiopia don’t hesitate happening

  17. Shimelis says:

    This is the right decision that ginbot7 took .weyane no more it is a terrier not genbot7 victory for genbot7 I am with you by any way.

  18. sami says:

    we want change and we r not getting it from elections b/c the election system is a fruad i think what G7 Doing is some how its good no one wants war and no one want to die unless he is crazy and from what i see Dr berhanu nega is an educated person how belifes every peolple has the right to choose the poltucal party they want but the tplf is not giving this chance every time election comes he calls all the poltical partys terriorist i think now at this time in ethiopia tplf is the terriorist.

  19. likulakew says:

    Dear aiga,
    We Ethiopians are looking forward to grow and to achieve three fold economic growth.
    aimless Brehanu Nega is trying to disturb our beautiful country. He is like a Dog keeping Esayas afework and taking directions from him and bring us a war instead of food and development. Can he analyze and anticipate its output? or simply baking and buying time as he can’t work as down as production work.
    You will see one day he might be fallen in to trap.


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