Ethiopian Muslim Affairs Supreme Council, Ethiopian Orthodox Church Condemn IS killings


Addis Ababa, 21 April 2015 (WIC) – The Ethiopian Muslim Affairs Supreme Council (EMASC) and the Ethiopian Orthodox Church (EOC) condemned today the barbaric acts of the Islamic State against Ethiopian migrants in Libya.

The Ethiopian Muslim Affairs Supreme Council strongly condemned the slayings describing them as genocidal acts that should never by committed on human beings.

EMASC President Hajji Mohammed Aman Jemal told Ethiopian News Agency that “the slaying committed by the terrorists is a shocking deed which stands contrary to the Holy Quran”.

“Human beings are sacred and above other creatures;” so says the Holy Quran, he added.

This shows the respect it has for mankind, oblivious of their color, ethnic origin and religion, Hajji Mohammed elaborated.

The president further observed that Prophet Mohammed has explicitly ordered Muslims not to harm Ethiopia.

The act perpetrated in Libya is therefore an atrocious act that blatantly disrespects Islam and the Holy Quran, he added.

Meanwhile, the Ethiopian Orthodox Church said the act of the terrorist group is outrageous.

The patriarch, His Holiness Abune Mathias, said the church is saddened as the victims of the terror are Ethiopians and followers of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church.

The act does not represent any religious institution and faith, but is an act of terrorists that should be condemned, he stressed.

The church supports the efforts of the government to safely bring back citizens, the patriarch stated.

Citizens should also focus on earning their livelihood in the country instead of going to countries that do not guarantee their safety, religion and property, His Holiness Abune Mathias said, adding that the church would extend similar support to returnees from Saudi Arabia to those who come back from Libya.

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