Ethiopia on the Recent National Election in Somalia

The Ethiopian Government’s policy towards the National Election of Somalia is and has been based on the principle of total respect for the voice of the Somali people. 

In compliance with this guiding principle, the Government of Ethiopia is ready to work together with a president elected by the people of Somalia. 

As a neighboring country with a brotherly people, it is always in the very best interest of the Ethiopian Government to see a politically stable and economically strong Somalia. Such an interest on the part of the Government of Ethiopia emanates from the strong conviction on the mutual benefits of a politically stable and economically strong Somalia.

To this end, the Government of Ethiopia, together with the people of Somalia, have travelled long and sacrificed a great deal along the way.

The Government of Ethiopia’s only interest is and will be to see a viable Government in Somalia with a president:

  • who can maintain and build on the major political and security achievements so far attained;
  • who is not affiliated with any terrorist groups including Al-Shabab, and is capable of and determined to fight terrorism; and
  • is committed to promoting the interest of the people of Somalia above and beyond the interest of any other external group.

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