A Wake Up Call for the International Community: Eritrea after President Isayas Afewerki


By the Strathink Editorial Team

Eritrean websites have been reporting on the serious health problems facing Eritrean President Isayas Afewerki. These are not mere rumors. Our sources confirm that President Afewerki is terminally ill and his demise is likely imminent. We say this as a fact and not the kind of gossip that tends to overwhelm discourse about this small nation in the Horn of Africa. This is real and has enormous consequences for not only Eritrea but also Eritrea’s neighbors.

What will happen when the Eritrean President dies? Unfortunately, the President governed his country single-handedly without building the institutions needed to ensure the day-to-day business of government—the delivery of public goods and services—will continue after the President is no longer calling the shots. Indeed, we know little about who is currently calling the shots while the Eritrean President struggles with a terminal illness. At the moment, the state appears to be rudderless and this is bad news for everyone.

In Eritrea, the number of people serving in the military is staggering and there are weapons everywhere. This should concern the international community given the geopolitical significance of Eritrea at the mouth of the Red Sea . What will happen if Eritrea collapses into chaos with the almost certain and very soon demise of the President? What will happen to the region when overwhelmed by a lawless state populated by hundreds of thousands of trained, well-armed military and former military with no one in full command.

We only have to think about Yemen, Somalia and South Sudan to understand the dire consequences of a collapsed Eritrea in an already fragile and volatile region. The potentially dangerous security situation evolving just across Yemen threatening the busiest shipping lane in the world should be at the top of our global agenda.

Perhaps it is time now to seriously address the need for a viable transformation strategy for Eritrea in the likely event the President soon dies. The international community should be ready to provide material and technical support to Eritrean groups positioned to step in to fill the void left by Eritrea’s President.

This is a wake up to the international community. A collapsed Eritrean state with hundreds of thousands of armed soldiers and ex-soldiers vying for the scarce resources of the depressed Eritrean economy will have irreparable regional implications. We can’t afford this. Now is the time to play a positive role in preventing the worst-case scenario from becoming a reality.

8 Responses to “A Wake Up Call for the International Community: Eritrea after President Isayas Afewerki”

  1. Bulcha Chemesa says:

    You are always worried about Eritrea and nothing said about your people. Who car about them. let them deal. This is the result of Freedom or slavery….1991
    Have Fun

  2. Yonas,Kidane says:

    You think Eritrea is getting empty.The Eritrean people will invite you
    Woyane,Hollande,and the sellout Eritreans.Be our guests,and will traet
    you the old way you know.Read history of yesterday

    • robert says:

      aithasew hasawi shabiya …shabiya is a lier for 55 years .almost a generation passed with their lie

  3. rafi tesfay says:

    I can simply comment by Tigrigna saying that ‘Tibhigo’mo Yizingekin’ Miskin Halamay Goyta Egzabher misana eyu’mo bahgka kontu kikewn eyu

  4. Habenael says:

    President Isayas, it is true, has been sick for the last two weeks but not terminally ill as some have claim to be so. According to reliable sources(insiders), the President is doing fine and healthy. He will go public as soon as in five days or so.

  5. yegnanew says:


  6. Donald says:

    I am sorry to say this why are you worried about Eritrea? I think you guys are day dreaming. Why always speculate why you wishing bad for the hero president Isais Afeworki.I think you don’t know the social fabric of the Eritrean People. Isais is just one man there are 4.5 million Isaises for Eritrea you don’t need to worry about Eritrea .Isais is a roaring lion a hero where his enemies are afrrraid from far .Long live Isais

    • robert says:

      lier nobody scared of this thug dictator except his subordinates and we will be happy if that decator dies .he is a cancer for eritrean people not to think rationally


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