Tanzanian Residents Vent Anger Over Results’ Delay

From RFI

National police in full riot gear with a water cannon truck parked outside SandaliA and SandaliB wards in Tanzania’s capital, just one day after the vote, after voters came out to demand why they had not yet received general election results.

We’ll wait for the results “Even for a month, even for years!” Doreen Jone, a SandaliA ward resident, told RFI who spoke in the Ukawa umbrella opposition stronghold.

Doreen says that yesterday polling station workers told SandaliA ward residents that Yahya Khalidi, the CUF (Civic United Front) party candidate had won. But this morning, no results were posted, no reasons given by the elections chief at the polling station. And Ukawa opposition polling representatives told residents that the ruling party Chama cha Mapinduzi (CCM) candidate Terimo had won, but still hadn’t posted the results.

“Terimo is Nkurunziza!” shouted an angry voter in the crowd, referring to Burundi’s controversial three-time elected president.

Tanzanian voters went to the polls yesterday to pick their next leader as well as their parliamentary representatives. Many polling stations, as promised, began posting the results last night. SandaliA and SandaliB are still waiting.

Although the rest of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania’s bustling economic capital, is waiting out the results at home, these two wards, only about 1,000meters from each other, are out in protest.

Sunday night, rumours circulated that Khalidi had won unofficially, says Doreen. “So this morning we are surprised there are not results. We don’t get that. The police try to scare us, they tell us to go home. To wait for results at home. And we want to wait here!”

Angry voter Chidi Washirwana in SandaliB ward told RFI that “all the boys are coming out because we want to see a change.”

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