EDITORIAL: Burundi will gain nothing by shifting blame

As Burundi sinks deeper into violent political turmoil, it is becoming more clear that lack of serious and sincere efforts to end the deadlock will only make things worse.

There has been a continuous barrage of inflammatory utterances from some of the country’s leaders with calculated attempts to pass the buck to its neighbours, especially Rwanda.

What is most worrying is that some members of the international community are falling for the bait. As Foreign Affairs Minister, Louise Mushikiwabo put it aptly, the crisis is Burundian leaders’ own making and should not look for scapegoats but should take the lead in ending it.

“The region cannot afford another episode of diplomatic irresponsibility,” she said, adding that it plays into the very hands of those who want to externalize Burundi’s woes.

But where is the logic of refusing peacekeepers that would be able to monitor Burundi’s borders to assure that there was no external meddling? They must have something they want to keep out of sight of prying eyes.

So, how long will the world keep up with the intransigence and exercise it moral obligation of the Right to Protect?

Phony reports and hot air in the form of resolutions will not quell parents’ cries of anguish, it will only embed impunity.

But as the saying goes; “Charity begins at home”. Burundian leaders need to take the lead and work in the best interests of their people; otherwise they will run out of the goodwill credit of the international community.

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  • The answer is obvious. They are not series about peace or reconciliation. https://t.co/GZn92XPWAa
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