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Ethiopia says it is ready to implement Eritrea peace deal and privatize parts of the economy

From The Washington Post Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta, right, talks to Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in Nairobi, May 7. (Reuters) By Paul SchemmJune 5 at 2:30 PMEmail the author ADDIS ABABA, Ethi­o­pia — Ethiopia’s ruling party announced Tuesday plans to implement a long-moribund peace deal with Eritrea, opening the way for improved relations after 18 years […]

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Ethiopia ‘accepts peace deal’ to end Eritrea border war

From BBC Image copyrightAFPImage captionEthiopia had refused to remove its troops from the region around Badme, the dusty market town at the centre of the dispute Ethiopia’s governing coalition has announced it will fully accept and implement the peace deal that ended its border war with Eritrea. It says it will accept the outcome of […]

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Democracy according to Eritrea’s Afwerki, then and now

From al-Jazeera On the 27th anniversary of Eritrea’s independence, Isaias Afwerki should remember what he once said about democracy. by Abraham T Zere Isaias Afwerki is the first President of Eritrea, a position he has held since its independence in 1993 [Reuters] Today marks the 27th anniversary of Eritrea’s independence, hard-won after a 30-year war […]

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The Eritrea-Sudan border standoff: did Isaias whisper treason?

Martin Plaut In January this year Sudanese troops were sent to man the country’s border with Eritrea. The border was sealed: trade between the neighbouring states ceased. This has caused real hardship for many on both sides of the border – but particularly in Eritrea, which relies on imports from Sudan. So what is behind […]

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Empty promises and death: What Eritreans found after agreeing to leave Israel

The Middle East Eye reports below on the situation of Eritrean refugees refused asylum by Israel. Fleeing to South Sudan, Sudan, Rwanda and Uganda, Eritreans and Sudanese are finding inhospitable conditions that make them question their decision to leave Israel “voluntarily”. Check back with us learn about the conditions of refugees in Ethiopia. Israel wants […]

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Eritrean government closes down rural clinics

The government has shut down five rural clinics in Tsorona, Mendefera, Segeniety and Ingela village in Anseba region. The clinics had been giving primary health care in rural areas under the supervision of the  Catholic Church of Eritrea for long periods of time. Erena sources say that the shutdown comes after the government ordered all […]

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Slavery in Libya: Life inside a container

From al-Jazeera   by Fatma Naib Women were kept separate from the men and were routinely abused by smugglers and guards [File: Ahmed Jadallah/Reuters] In recent months, it has been revealed that African migrants and refugees have been sold in open markets as slaves in Libya, and are held against their will in inhumane conditions in […]

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Russia’s Southward March to the Indian Ocean: Is Washington Turning a Blind Eye to Putin’s Cold War Renaissance?                                                  

by The Strathink Editoial Team During his December 2017 press roundtable in Addis Ababa, Acting Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Donald Yamamoto, appeared blindsided when a reporter asked what would be the U.S. position if Russia starts negotiations to open a military base in Eritrea. Mr. Yamamoto responded by citing a litany of […]

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Dana Rohrabacher, Champion of Eritrea: He’s a Member of Congress. The Kremlin Likes Him So Much It Gave Him a Code Name.

The Strathink Editorial Team has no comment on this insightful New York Times article and recent interview with Eritrean champion Congressman Dana Rohrabacher. By NICHOLAS FANDOSNOV. 21, 2017 Representative Dana Rohrabacher, Republican of California, has come under intense political and investigative scrutiny for his closeness to Russia. CreditBill Clark/CQ Roll Call, via Associated Press WASHINGTON — For […]

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What Can Isayas Afewerki Learn from Robert Mugabe?

The Strathink Editorial Team It should come as a surprise to no one that the removal of Robert Mugabe brings to mind the current rule of longtime strongman Isayas Afewerki of Eritrea. The commonalities between Mr. Mugabe and President Isayas are many. What are lessons to be learned from the rise and fall of a […]

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