Welcome to Strategic Thinking on East Africa. Our tagline is Information You Can Trust. We take this seriously. Our goal is to provide our readers with accurate, comprehensive and balanced news about East Africa. However, our commitment to our readers does not end there. We plan to provide cutting edge analysis of the events that drive the politics, economies, conflicts, regional integration, and overall trajectory of this strategically important part of Africa. This includes our own government’s policies and actions towards a part of the world that has become vitally important to the interests of the United States–from trade and investment to counter-terrorism. Stay with us. Soon we will be providing you with interviews of African leaders, leading academics and people you might not have heard of but who play a vibrant role in shaping what East Africa will become in the coming years. If you would like to submit a story, an opinion piece or just some advice, please contact us at: admin@strathink.net.

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